Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The signs point to

All signs point that I'm ovulating. That would be a good thing right? Wrong. Mark has injured his back and can't move. I told him I thought his body was rebelling against having a baby. Last month he was weird about it all during the time I was ovulating and this month he can't move. But at least I'm charting now! It just seems like the more effort I put into watching for the signs and learning about what's going on with my body the more he pulls away from it all. But then he goes and tells me he found a perfect shirt to order for me when I am pregnant. I'm like well to actually be able to buy me that shirt I must first get pregnant and you are totally dropping the ball in that area! Oh and he helped me clean up our extra/baby room this last weekend. He threw out a ton of his stuff that he refused to get rid of on all the previous attempts to clean. The signals I'm getting are really mixed this month.

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  1. Boys are so confusing! (And he doesn't have to move to get you pg, get to work, girl! LOL)