Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And we are waiting

Well this is my first month charting and I think it's going well. There were a few nights that I couldn't sleep so that might have thrown my temps off but I think overall everything is looking good. It appears that I ovulate later than I was expecting, which could explain a lot. My chart has me ovulating on day 17. I'm really not expecting a big fat positive(bfp) this month because I was confused with my chart and frustrated and then Mark hurt his back so that really wrecked our chances for the month I think. But there is still a slim chance and I'm going to hold onto it! :) I told him next month he can't do anything to his body or mind to get us off track. I just thought I would update the blog as to where we are right now. Not much is happening just waiting until we can test.

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