Friday, December 11, 2009

Always waiting

I thought the two week wait was horrible. Well I think I was wrong. This last week was soooooo long it wasn't funny. And I have a couple more weeks before I get to my first appointment. This week has been pretty overwhelming for me. I had some brown spotting and some light cramping. Not knowing what to expect, I was freaked out. I called the doctor yesterday and they assured me that it was normal to have the brown spotting and even the cramping. I'm to take it easy until my next appointment and call if things get worse or different.

My first appointment is Dec. 31st. This in itself puts me in a dilema. Do we go ahead and tell our family at Christmas as we had planned or wait until New Years? I really want to tell but I really want to make sure everything is ok before we start blabbing to the relatives. We've already told every member of our immediate family possible. I just worry that something may go wrong and then I'll have to deliver that awful news to EVERYONE.

I don't know how I'm going to make it to Dec. 31st. I'm ready to push past Christmas and get to the New Year.

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