Monday, January 4, 2010

The big day has arrived

I'm telling my boss tomorrow afternoon. I'm freaking nervous. As I sit here reflecting upon how I'm going to do it and watching P Diddy's assistant search at the same time, I think to myself 'It could be worse. Puffy could be my boss.' I feel like a little girl going into the the teacher's office to ask permission for something. I'm an adult woman for goodness sake. I'm going to be a mother. A MOTHER! Why can't I pull it together and be excited about outing myself at work. Once I out myself at work I can out myself to the world! Why do I feel that my boss is going to be like 'No that's not going to work for me.' It's too late for that! It's going to have to work, it's happening! I feel like such a little girl!

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